port shanty town

The Port Shanty Town scene was made for the goal of creating a stylized scene that was completely hand-painted. I was able to marry my love of drawing with my love of 3D.

Programs: Maya, Photoshop, UV Layout, Unreal Engine, Zbrush


Initial Concepts


I was not satisfied with the scale, composition, and landscape so I scrapped it for the current layout.


I decided this layout had better composition, focus on theme, and opportunity for better and more points of interest.

A second island added a background element so the scene had more to explore

Lifted areas like the watchtower added some verticality within the scene


After materials are divided, hand-painted seamless textures are done for easy placement in engine

This includes some fun ones like produce and soup

Unique Asset Texturing and Initial Detail Work

Includes assets such as Arlo the Angler, food clutter, etc.

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