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Boardwalk Arcade 2

Boardwalk Arcade 2 is a collection of 10+ popular boardwalk and carnival games with multiplayer support for 1-4 players on local networks.

This was my first time working as an art lead, where I responsible for managing the other artists, scoping out work, allocating responsibilities and communicating deadlines, providing feedback and guidance, overseeing the 3D asset creation pipeline, and creating documentation to maintain the established visual direction.

I worked closely with the other leads to ensure that the teams were provided everything they needed to deliver and meet our tight deadlines. Although our development timeline was short, I made an effort to regularly check in with the artists individually to help maintain a positive work environment. If someone was struggling, I'd do my best to either reassign tasks, take it on myself, or rethink how we could best compromise on the issue.

Other than management, I was responsible for modeling and implementing most of the environments, lighting, creating some promotional art and later illustrating rough concepts to provide to the client and other artists.

Boardwalk Arcade 2 was made in Unity and programs used were Maya, Substance Painter/Designer, and Photoshop.


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