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Find It: Scavenger Hunt

I was responsible for creating additional maps for Gold Creek's client, Playside, for their app "Find It: Scavenger Hunt", a hidden objects game.

I created concepts, assisted others on our team with asset creation, placing characters and props, and preparing files properly for implementation.


Pet Store

I concepted and completed the illustration for a Pet Store level. While designing maps, I kept in mind any assets made available by Playside and ones we've already made that we could reuse in order to complete our quick turnarounds.


It was a fun challenge to fill out these maps.

My favorite part was inserting little stories with every character placed in the scene, like a dog posing for a portrait.   

Farmers Market

Same as before, I was responsible for concepting and illustrating most of the Farmer's Market level and populating the scene with characters.

Botanical Garden

I assisted by populating characters, preparing each layer by assigning animations for the correct NPC type, and adding assets here and there to fill out the scene and add additional verticality.


The client decided to not go forward with this one, so we never placed any characters. I concepted this map, but the assets were all made by Alice Laybourn.

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